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Jul 072014

Al GreerI WORK IN THE VOICE OVER INDUSTRY AS A(N) Voice Actor, Creative Director, Voiceover Coach, Vocal Coach

I started in my parents basement as a DJ, pretending that I was on the radio. Then I discovered that I could make more money by just talking. I was asked to put my voice on everybody’s answering machine…so that they could get rid of their ex-boyfriends. I charged $10 per call…not bad for a 18 year old still living at home…huh?

I’m currently the PD/MD/ID for WKKC radio in Chicago, which is a college radio station( and I host two shows. One is called “Legends” and the other is called “Bedtime Stories”.  I have 25 years in the business as a PD/MD/OM, production director and personality, having worked for WLTH-Gary, WGCI AM/FM in Chicago, WJPC-FM in Chicago and WXLA-AM in Lansing, Michigan. I currently voice WYCC-TV 20 here Chicago, WBGX-AM 1570 in Chicago and my own station WKKC-FM.

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Jul 062014

photo of Robert Beck
The mission of the Chicago Good Health Group is to improve the overall health of individuals through understanding the root cause of their health conditions. By educating them on healthy eating habits, thereby improving their quality of life. Robert Beck can be reached at 312-494-5815 or emailed at

Check out his websites to learn about health life styles and the products that promote healthy life styles at or 





Jun 212014

411aX4TQGVLIn this landmark voting rights case, the Supreme Court was faced with the question of whether or not Act 140 of the Alabama legislature violated the Fifteenth Amendment. Alabama passed Act 140 in 1957, which changed the boundaries of the city of Tuskegee, Alabama. It had previously been a square but the legislature redrew it as a 28 sided figure, excluding all but a handful of potential African-American votes.


Jun 212014

The Hedge KnightThe Hedge Knight is a short story by George R. R. Martin that first appeared in the Legends anthology, a collection of stories by various fantasy authors such as Stephen King, Robert Jordan, and Terry Pratchett. It was edited by Robert Silverberg. The story was later adapted into a graphic novel by Mike S. Miller. It is the first of the “Dunk and Egg” stories.

The story takes place in 209AC, 90 years before the events in A Song of Ice and Fire. It tells the tale of how Dunk took the mantle of a hedge knight and met his squire, a young boy named Egg, on his way to compete in a tournament at Ashford Meadow.